4 Activities to Recover from Stroke

4 Activities to Recover from Stroke

Stroke is becoming a nightmare for every people all over the world. This type of illness could bring a fatal result in one’s life. Therefore, it is very important to maintain healthy lifestyle so that we would not harmed by this illness. However, how if we, or someone we knew already attacked by this disease? Is there a chance to recover from this illness? As suggested by a professor of epidemiology, more precisely at the Medical University of California, most people would recover from stroke; even though not all of them will recover fully. However, it is important to keep that little hope fire in the people’s heart who suffers from this illness as well as the caregivers. Now, the question is, are there any activities to recover from stroke? Of course, there are.

1. Do not let the second stroke attack you

Stroke is a type of illness that is very susceptible to attack the patient again. Therefore, when someone already recovered from stroke, it does not mean that all the hard time already passed. The next critical possibility that follows is the second attack of this illness. Many cases in stroke is having the patient’s medical condition as the trigger. Some of the examples are uncontrolled diabetes as well as hypertension. Therefore, it is very important to start maintaining a healthy life. Follow any prescribed medications by the doctor. Never skip a single meeting or consultation. Start from now, mind the foods consumed. It is important to fulfill the needs of fiber and lean protein. Spare some time to have a regular exercise. It does not need to be the hard one. Instead, do some simple and fun activities that you could make sure you will do it regularly.

2. Share and receive the opinions from the support group of strokes

The best feeling that a patient has should be the time when he or she is not suffering alone from that illness. In other words, joining a support group of strokes is one of many activities to recover from stroke that you could do. Simply ask your neurologist about any information related to it. A neurologist always has a suggestion of this kind of group. This group is not only becoming the place for someone to share the same sorrow, but another member also could share the inspiring journey for them to get rid of this illness.

Do not let depression win against you

3. Do not let depression win against you

Around one third until one-half of many people who suffer from stroke would experience a hard depression time in their life. If you drown on this period too much, it would not result in the success of your recovery as well as rehabilitation process. Make sure that you could control your emotions well. Ask your relatives to warn you if you start to lose yourself in depression.

Keep your safety even in your own house

4. Keep your safety even in your own house

Learning from many cases, the risk of falling of a person who ever suffered from stroke would be higher than before. Fall could be very dangerous since it could trigger the second attack of stroke, besides that bruising, fractures as well as bleeding would follow as others risk too. Therefore, it is important to secure the walkways and the hallways in your house. Make sure that there are no slippery areas on the floor. Check that the rugs on your house are secure as well. If you are using a wheelchair, then do not be ashamed of asking other people to make a comfortable way for you. Clear any furniture that could block your way so that you will be easier to get around. Indeed, it could be one of many activities to recover from stroke, which would prevent any unwanted things.

4 Daily Activities to Reduce Stress Level

4 Daily Activities to Reduce Stress Level

Are you under big pressure of stress? Did you solve it by consuming medicines? Have you found a right treatment for your condition? Well, many people did not realize that actually, there are lot of easy things they could do everyday that could lessen their stress. These daily activities to reduce stress level might seem trivial. However, you should not underestimate it. Moreover, it would not be such a waste activity, prove it y yourself.

1. The happiness from a cup of coffee

If you loved to have this drink, then start to have a cup of coffee in the morning before you start all your tiring activities as your habit. The regular consumption of coffee could reduce the rate of depression. However, we believed that some people might not have the permission to drink coffee because of its caffeine as well. In that case, you could just change it with any of your favorite drinks, such as tea or smoothie. All matter is that you could have a cup of happiness to prepare your mental health before you jump to the crowded schedule of your day.

2. A good sleep for a good life

Sleep is an activity that every people do every day to keep the health condition. However, sleep appear to have a big role in maintaining the healthy mental as well. That is why this activity included in the list of daily activities to reduce stress level, which you should mind. Make the temperature in your bedroom comfortable to have a good sleep quality. It would be better if you could set the temperature around 60 degrees until 67 degrees of Fahrenheit.

3. Snacks to bring the healthy mind back

When it comes to food suggestion every people wished to have their favorite one available on the list. If you are a big fan of chocolate, then it is good news for you. Eating a couple of dark chocolate pieces regularly is also one of the daily activities to reduce stress level. How could it be? Dark chocolate proved to have flavanoids, theobromine as well as caffeine on its ingredients. These ingredients could give an effective work for increasing the mental health as well as alertness.

Be a way from your phone for a minute

4. Be a way from your phone for a minute

Nowadays, cell phone is being the most important thing that every people should have. All activities use the support from cell phone. It includes how would you give news to other, how would you arrange your schedule, how would you interact with other people, and many more. It gives you lots of easiness. On the other hand, it brings the pressure that makes you need to stay in touch with this gadget as well. Therefore, it would be a good idea to let your cell phone off for a while and leave all the busy chat there. This activity could be one of the easiest daily activities to reduce stress level that you could do. You would realize how refreshing it is to have fun with other people directly without interruptions.