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At Aviva, our dermatologists provide medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology services in Houston, TX. We offer every patient a close family atmosphere and ten years of dermatology expertise. We treat acne, warts, moles, cold sores, skin tags, sun spots, dandruff, alopecia, and hair loss. We provide comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment to give patients peace of mind. Our cosmetic services include Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments, PRP, RF micro-needling, and facials. Find out about the beauty promotion of the month here.

Experienced Doctor

Our experienced team prides itself on treating conditions that affect all areas of the skin, including hair and nails.

Advanced Technology

We combine the latest tools and techniques to ensure you receive the best skin care treatment in Houston.

Family Friendly

At AVIVA Dermatology, we offer skin care for the whole family. Patients of all ages are welcome here!


When you visit our company, your needs are everyone's priority! Let's see how we can help you feel at ease.

Dermatology Services

Virtual visits in dermatology 

Our dermatologists also offer convenient and convenient appointments. Our eye care system allows us to examine and treat you via video from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to organize a tour 


At the University of Utah Dermatology Services, we treat everyday skin conditions including acne, eczema, skin allergies, and the most difficult skin conditions. Our specialists are leaders in the field of dermatology and specialists in the treatment of skin diseases and ulcers, contact dermatitis, environmental allergies, skin lymphoma, acne, rosacea, hair loss, psoriasis, rashes, lupus, scleroderma, ulcers feet, pigmentary disease. Our board-certified dermatologists also offer a range of laser and cosmetic services to help you look and feel good.

Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology at Saint Louis University is a leading dermatology program and serves patients throughout the Midwest. It is a strong collection of faculty, residents, colleagues, and staff who proudly serve the community of St. 

Louis information. Our department and residents are actively involved in research and establishing strong regional and national reputations in their fields. Our residents are enrolled in private programs, academic levels, and fellowship programs of specialization.

 Department of Dermatology news release 
The Department of Dermatology at Saint Louis University is dedicated to providing excellence in all aspects of patient care and advancing the field of dermatology through the training of trainees and the advancement of research.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion reporting 
The Department of Dermatology at Saint Louis University strives to foster an environment of equality and inclusion where all members feel valued and supported. We welcome all aspects of diversity and welcome people from all walks of life. We strive to promote equality in the care of different patients, and in the training of trainees and researchers. Department of Dermatology of the University of Saint-Louis.

Dermatological Conferences and Events 
Dermatological Conferences and Events 



Saint Louis University School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Education (ACCME) to offer CME for physicians. Department display policy 
It is the policy of the Faculty of Medicine at Saint Louis University to ensure balance, independence, purpose, and scientific strength in the continuing medical education program. Teachers participating in these programs are required to present the following to the public prior to the program: 

The existence of financial assets or other relationships with the manufacturers of any business products or providers of any business services discussed. Their intent to discuss products that are not labeled for use is questionable.

Their purpose is to discuss preliminary research data. For more information, call the Department of Dermatology at 314-977-3400.

Student support of doctors in the department of dermatology 
We are currently unable to accept students who wish to join our department of dermatology. Exceptions to this rule are Saint Louis University medical students and undergraduates enrolled in the Pre-Med Scholars program. Please do not call doctors asking to see. If you are enrolled in the Pre-Med Specialist program, complete the survey below to share your interest: 
View the Physical Examination Request Form

Dermatology Residency

The Department of Dermatology at Saint Louis University offers four residency training positions per year in its Accreditation Center for Advanced Medical Education (ACGME).


Residents in the Department of Dermatology at Saint Louis University. About the program 

Twelve faculty members oversee the three-year residency and provide specialized clinical training in: 


Medical Dermatology 

Mohs surgery and skin oncology 

Aesthetic dermatology, including injectable and laser treatments, sclerotherapy, and cosmetic surgery 


Children's disease 


Contact dermatitis and patch test 

Neurology Consultation at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Health SSM Hospital.

Event Summary 

Residents participate in daily morning meetings in one or more of the following areas: 


Weekly Monthly Textbook/Other Medicines Dermatopathology Review Unknown Weedon Skin Pathology Textbook Review Multidisciplinary Panel on Melanoma and Other Skin Tumors Morphology Conference (Kodachromes) Big Circle (bimonthly) Spitz Conference/Peds Derm Journal Clubs (Dermatologic, Cosmetic Derm Journal Clubs) Areas of Interest Teaching Aesthetics, Patient Safety, and Health Care Diversity Basic Science Curriculum Board Review Sessions Dermatologic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology Curriculum Sessions Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Injections Resident 'Cassidech Mohs Nail Cadaver Tour Hospital. and teaching 

Residents have the opportunity to attend these international meetings, some depending on the level of training. Here are some examples, but by no means exhaustive: 


Choice opportunities 

The Resident Incentive Program allows second and third-year residents to be in a better position to have more educational opportunities than faculty-sponsored activities. This includes attending a company-sponsored conference or a designated time waiting for the GME department and company admissions.

 In addition, Saint Louis University's GME office offers support for a small number of other electives for residential training. The purpose of these transfers is to enhance the educational experience of the resident in the residency-training program; expand SLU's visibility locally and internationally; and create special opportunities for residents who care for the vulnerable.

Quality plans 

The GME Quality Program is part of a larger effort by the School of Medicine to create a healthy learning culture and environment. The program is led by a committee in addition to a core group of faculty and residents called "Wellness Champions". These individuals help our institution develop a variety of quality measures for the benefit of medical trainees and all graduate programs. Resources and opportunities to promote and support quality include: 


Department-level funding for strategic programs and activities, which support the interests of residents and others. Those responsible for these resources are the "Winner(s) of merit" and are awarded annually for the benefit of all medical students. The following are examples of former residents and welfare programs sponsored by the Department of Dermatology: indoor climbing, evenings at Top Golf, bowling, picnics, etc.

The Professional Monitoring Center is the primary point of contact and support for medical students, residents, faculty, and staff who experience and/or witness any type of inappropriate behavior and/or bullying in the learning environment. The University's Behavioral Health Program (UHP) provides trainees with free access to private health services and professionals. Saint Louis University cares about the well-being and success of its medical students and knows that you may encounter many problems and challenges throughout your life. The program covers up to six sessions with no requirement for a mental health assessment, meaning that UHP members can receive advice on any issue or life event that may be causing problems or improve their well-being - be yourself. 

Conversion process 

Residents participate in one of the following month-long rotations. The amount varies depending on their years of training. Residents are exposed to all areas including sub-specialties during their first year: 


General dermatology clinic 

Mohs Dermatological Surgery Clinic 

Cosmetic Dermatology 


Consulting services at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon 

Children's Hospital/Paediatrics 

To provide a continuous care experience, residents follow their patients in the Resident Continuity Clinic during their three years of training. Residents have their own schedules, which they manage with guidance from the resident hospital department. Third-year residents also have a weekly senior resident clinic on Tuesday mornings. Human surgery clinics are held two to three times per month.


Special Hospital 

Residents are exposed to clinical/specialty services performed by various departments: 


Multidisciplinary clinic for cutaneous lymphoma in collaboration with hematology-oncology 

Women's health center and maternity clinic 

Contact dermatitis and patch testing 

Multidisciplinary dermatology-rheumatology clinic 

Injection clinic for elderly residents 

hair loss clinic 

Call process 

All calls are taken at home. First and second-year residents rotate care duties one week at a time. Third-year residents act as on-call year-round and rotate assignments weekly. Vacation schedule 

Three weeks (15 days off) per year will be taken in blocks of one week and one week divided.


Manuals and tools 

The following manuals and tools are provided free of charge to new dermatology residents: 


Dermatology: Two Neck Foundation (Bologna) 

Skin pathology 



Residents are required to participate in clinical research during their three-year residency to complete an (Institutional Review Board) IRB in the discipline of interest upon entering the program. Study opportunities include pharmaceutical industry-sponsored studies within the department, coordinated by the Academic Coordinator and Clinical Research Fellows. Researcher-initiated studies are also supported. Statistical assistance is provided.


An IRB-approved end-of-year academic program is required of all second-year residents. Third-year residents must complete a quality improvement or patient safety course. First-year residents and second and third-year residents work together on their academic projects. This will familiarize the first-year student with the necessary steps to complete a project. Each resident works with a faculty member in these academic activities, which is indicated on the date of the annual examination/date of completion of graduation in June.